Is it time?

27 Sep

Hey everyone, what’s up? I’ve just been contemplating about what will happen to this blog and everyone elses blogs. I don’t know if I should stop posting on this blog and let it die peacefully or not. 

It’s just… I look at the whole thing and think “Ok it’s cute and that was me two or three years ago but now I’ve changed and it’s not really me anymore”. Ok well it is a part of me but I feel that I’ve matured more now and that my blog  just represents a bunch of silly pictures and meaningless animations. I mean, I.C.C.M. Does that really matter now that I’m focusing on school? Do our blogs matter now that Dizzywood is dead and gone? I mean, where did you guys go? Supergirl_too? I don’t even remember your name it’s been so long! Broomstick? Where are you? Even LexyPuppy228 and Lalvan411 are hiding in the shadows. I do miss you guys and I feel that since everything has shut down we’ve all gone our separate ways. I guess online friendships have to end at one point.

To anyone that has no idea what I’m talking about, listen up. I originally created this blog because 1. it was popular to do so at the time and 2. because I thought it would be a fun and creative “project”. Little did I know how much work it took to run a blog. I guess the only reason I keep this blog is because of my online friends, which I met on a virtual world website called “Dizzywood” which has since shut down. Since Dizzywood has shut down we have all, like I said, gone our separate ways. Some didn’t even say goodbye, they just left and were never to be seen or heard again. If anyone I haven’t talked to in a while reads this by chance, just know that we’ll always remember each other in the back of our minds and we hope that our friends will lead happy, healthy lives.

I am a little sad to possibly abandon this blog because it does hold memories and I feel like I’m not THAT old yet but my posts are just getting too mature for this setting. Of course I could change everything completely but then it wouldn’t be my blog then would it? BLAH I don’t know. What do you think?

Don’t judge, I just like using polls. Anyway, at least this is my second post this month. Next month is going to be great (Halloween and my birthday, not in that order!) I hope you guys are enjoying your Autumn because I am! I love having cool weather again, it’s a relief. 

Goodnight my friends, I won’t end off the post with the usual endings because I am very tired. 

Keep in touch, 



Happy First of September :)

1 Sep

Happy first of September everyone, I just wanted to say that quickly before I went to bed. Sorry this is really short but I wanted to celebrate the beginning of Fall/September with a blog post. 

Nighty night, 

Crazyfuun ❤


P.S: Goodbye summer D’: 


28 Aug

Hello lovely blog readers, I am tired and it’s late so I’ll make this post as short as possible (sorry). I just wanted to let you know that the school I want to get into STILL hasn’t told me anything so I don’t even know if I’m going to school at all. The first day of school for any of the schools is unclear to me because basically everyone I know is confused about this. And on top of everything else, if they accept me then I have to rush to the uniform store which is like a million miles away (we don’t have a car) and I have to be ready to jump into school when I haven’t even had orientation yet. But if I don’t get accepted.. who knows?! So these next three days will be crucial for me because on one of these three days I’m supposed to be at either my new school or wherever else if I don’t get accepted.  Anyway, sorry for this random personal blather but I just wanted to inform anyone who cared that I’ll be busy for the next little while. 

I will definitely try to post as much as possible. If not then I’ll aim for one post a month. That won’t get me many views but I’m afraid that’s all I can do for now.

And since it’s late, I’ll just ask the comment question (even though no one ever comments). 








Comment question:

What is your opinion about school? Is it boring to you or do you get a lot of enjoyment out of it?

For me it really depends what school I’m at and what’s going on. I enjoy learning about things that interest me and I also like to have fun at school with my friends.

(With your answer to the comment question of the day!)

Halloween in summer?

9 Aug

People of the internet! How is your summer going? Mine hasn’t been TOO over the top but that’s a good thing though because I need my rest before school starts. Over here, school starts on the last day of August… which is kind of scary for me because I still don’t know what school I’m going to. The thing is that I’m in High School but the school I’ve been in for the past two years is one that I don’t want to be in anymore. I already have another school in mind that I want to try out but I’ll be cutting it close because they’ve been on summer vacation and no one’s been there to answer the phones or anything. So I’ll have to see if they accept me first (which I really hope they will) and then I’ll see what happens from then on.

Ok enough about school! I’ve said that word seven times now (thanks for counting for me Google Chrome). Anyway, some of you are probably just wondering why I named my post “Halloween in summer?”. Well let me tell you and I have a good reason for it. Recently I got an idea while walking through an alley that I wanted to make a short Halloween film. Ok now hold on, I have a vague idea of what you’re thinking right now. It’s probably something like “What? Why are you thinking about something like that? It sounds hard :\ What is it going to be about? GIVE DETAILS.” Alright well those are a lot of questions so I’ll answer them one by one. The reason I thought of this idea is because I really love October (my birth month!) and Halloween. I also really love taking pictures and filming things so I thought that I would give this a go! It probably will be difficult because my video editing skills aren’t really professional, it’s probably going to cost a bit which might make me have to improvise more and so far I don’t have a cast except for my Mother and I 😛 As to what it’s going to be about… I’m still thinking! That’s why I’m thinking about it now in advance because before I know it, I’ll have to focus on school and other things. Summer is a good time to be productive and do stuff (which I’m not really good at). So as far as details, I don’t really have many yet. And I might even chicken out and just write a book or something. A book is my safety net,  just in case I really don’t do this short film, which I’m hoping I don’t chicken out on. What do you think I should do? Tell me in the comments or take the poll below! (It seems that you guys aren’t really crazy with the comments so I’ll just stick up a poll to make it easier for everyone.)

But those aren’t all the Halloween-y things that are passing through my crazy brain. In the process of getting inspiration I’ve been looking up all kinds of things that will make Halloween spooky and fun. I found a website that gave me a really good idea on how to set things up when it comes to a party, a short movie film or an online party with my friends 😉 *This following statement is directed towards my OBFFS aka Kka2297, Vinathi, LexyPuppy228 and Lalvan411* Girls, I really want to have a good Halloween party with you. Not just any video chat or typing session. I want it to be BIG. The only problem is all of us finding a time when we can actually get online. That’s in a while from now but I just wanted to plant the seed in your brains 🙂 *Ok I’m sorry to all of the two normal people that read my blog and have no idea what I just said, I’ll try to stop rambling now!*

^ Aw so cute, right?! ^

Wow I’ve already written a lot about nothing. I should win an award for that, I’m very good at it! Oh and peoples, don’t forget to answer the comment question of the day and check out an awesome video I like in the credits. 

So on that note, I will now finish this post. But before I do I just wanted to thank everyone (yeah, I’m talking to you two again) that reads my blog about nothingness because to me you guys are super duper special. You deserve a medal for reading the current 760 words I just wrote. So here, enjoy. 


Comment question:

What is your favourite holiday?

I would say Halloween and Christmas are a tie. I love them both a lot, with the soft warm glow of Christmas (not to mention the snow!) and the spooky fun on Halloween.


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I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!

20 Jun

Hey guys. It’s me, puddle of what’s left of Crazyfuun. It’s SO HOT! At the current moment it’s 32 Celsius, which is 90.8 Fahrenheit, but it’s supposed to go up to 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit). At that point, your lovely internet buddy Crazyfuun will have evaporated into the hot air. By the way, have you ever noticed the way Fahrenheit is spelled? Isn’t it weird? If that word weren’t for the temperature I don’t think anyone would be able to identify it, let alone pronounce it. Fah-ren-heit. Ok well maybe it’s not that hard to pronounce.

Anyway, there are a couple of things I have to say.

1. Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! (For the millionth time.) I’ve been so busy lately with school finishing and all. I just finished my exams last week! I’m so happy they’re over because I couldn’t do any of that in this heat.

2. Happy First Day of Summer! I hope you all relax and enjoy your Summer! Stay cool and try not to let your brain turn into mush.

A picture I edited with Picnik when it was still going strong <\3

Have a great summer!

3. If you recall, which you probably don’t, in my latest post which was not locked I stated I had not read the Hunger Games. Since then I have bought all three books and am going to buy the DVD when it comes out! The books are amazing, even though I’ve only started Catching Fire. I also plan to read a LOT more this Summer. Write too. Mom and I are going to write a couple short books and maybe a long one. Anyway, I love the Hunger Games. Plain and simple.

Admit it, you want pictures of Peeta/Josh Hutcherson don’t you? Everyone does.

4. Since I don’t seem to update my blog regularly, I’ll link you guys to my Tumblr in the credits. Fill free to follow me 😉

Don’t forget to answer the comment question of the day which is also in the credits! I’ll leave a link to a nice song too. See? The credits have it all.

5. One last thing, fill free to watch/check out the movie “The Secret Life of Bees”. It’s absolutely amazing ❤

Ok later guys,

Comment question: 

What are you going to do this Summer?

I’m going to read, write, draw and enjoy myself. I might even join a club or sport or something.


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Protected: No one needs to see this… (sorry for not posting in forever guys!)

15 Jun

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Protected: Spongebob Squarepants :D

27 Apr

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